Set of glasses from 55 euro


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    10:00 - 21:00

Sale period: 28.01. - 31.12.2021.

You have never had any complaints about your vision, but now you feel that your eyes need help? Or your glasses are not comfortable enough?
We know how important it is to see clearly, and we understand that it is very important to feel comfortable while reading, driving or performing other daily tasks.
Visit “Fielmann” optical shops and order your glasses.
Set of glasses includes:
•vision test,
• glasses service,
• 3 years warranty
• 20 € coupon for the purchase of sunglasses without diopters
Set of glasses from 55 € *
* Offer valid when ordering correction glasses. Eye diseases are not examined and recipes are not issued.
When ordering individually made correction glasses, you will receive coupon of 20 €, which allows you to purchase any goods or services in “Fielmann” optics or will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones.
For more information contact optical shops.