New in Narvesen: classic solanka and vegetable-cheese cream soup for only 2.50 EUR


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Sale period: 15.10. - 07.11.2020.

In the fall, we tend to be more inclined to enjoy richer dishes that will warm you up on cool days. That’s why Narvesen now offers you to taste the news – the classic solanka, which will be good to eat and enjoy the taste known to everyone, as well as the queen of all cream soups – rich and invigorating vegetables – cheese cream soup. In addition, now for a special price: 2.50 EUR!


Solanka is known to everyone – potatoes, garlic, carrots, onions and pickles, pork sausage and beef ham, tomato paste and olives. And over all the beef broth. You will now also find this soup in Narvesen – good for eating and enjoying the taste known to everyone. One who tries once will now know where to come after a good step.

Vegetable – cheese cream soup

Cream soups tend to be different. But the queen of all cream soups is vegetable – cheese cream soup. It is this rich soup that we now invite you to taste in Narvesen as well. Potatoes, carrots, onions, butter, vegetable broth and processed cheese – all together will create a rich and invigorating boil. If not eaten, then you have to taste it. If you go to the heart, then you must come again.

The special price is valid when buying Narvesen Fresh & Tasty solanka or vegetable-cheese cream soup. Regular price: 2.89 EUR to 2.99 EUR.