Welcome to the Retail Park “Alfa”!

R/p “Alfa” is well-known as one of the largest retail sales and lifestyle retail centres in Riga providing colourful and high-quality experience for the whole family, caring about the well-being and comfort of every client.

History of the retail park dates back to June 2001. R/p “Alfa” became popular already during the first months of business as it had opened the first “Sportland” store in the city, thus marking healthy and active lifestyle as one of the main values of the r/p “Alfa”.

For many families, r/p “Alfa” offers a broad range of goods and services in the retail, as well as in catering and entertainment fields. Unique architecture in combination with the assortment of global brands – Apranga, Bershka, Change, Denim Dream, Geox, Lee Cooper, Mango, Mohito, Promod, Pull and Bear, Puma, Zara, Sportland, Camel Active and others – has made it one of the most stylish retail and entertainment places in Riga.

Currently, r/p “Alfa” offers you to shop in more than 170 stores, enjoy a lovely meal in 20 cafes and restaurants, watch the best movies in eight auditoriums of the “Cinamon” cinema and spend time in the recreation areas with wireless internet.

You can conveniently combine the purchase of clothing, footwear, products for the home and other goods with car-wash, use of postal, banking, as well as beauty care and other services, providing useful leisure activities for the whole family.

Come and visit r/p “Alfa” with your family! Find not only what you need but also feel joy and satisfaction for a great time you spend together and fulfil your wishes because remember – r/p “Alfa” – is always more!

How to access the r/p “Alfa”

Retail park “Alfa” has a great geographical location you can simply and comfortably access in several ways:

By car

R/p “Alfa” is located next to the central boulevard of Riga – Brīvības Street. Majority of drivers use it to take the northeast direction from the city centre. Every visitor has access to the well-designed and wide parking place.

By public transportation

Convenient access with the bus 1, 14, 21 or 40, trolleybus 12 or 16, as well as tram 1, 3 or 6.

By bicycle

R/p “Alfa” is very cyclists friendly. Parking places for bicycles, with enough space for 140 of them, are located by the entrances and next to the car park. Security workers pay special attention to make sure your bike is safe during the shopping.

With safe dreams into the future!

To satisfy the increasing demand of customers and tenants, we are planning to expand the r/p “Alfa”. Expansion of the r/p “Alfa” is aiming simultaneously in various directions – provide a more varied range of brands for the consumers, promote the growth of the existing entrepreneurs and modernise the visual image of the urban environment in the area surrounding the retail park.

The total area of the r/p “Alfa” is going to expand by 30 000 m2, exceeding 100 000 m2 in total but the number of tenants will increase up to 250. It is planned to complete the project in August 2019.

You are welcome in the Retail Park “Alfa”!