ALFA Shopping Centre’s Big Wardrobe Cleanup Targets 1.5 Tonnes of Textiles

Between 30 March and 18 April ALFA Shopping Centre, in cooperation with the environmental management company Latvijas Zaļais punkts, is organising a textiles recycling campaign – the Big Wardrobe Cleanup – to collect 1.5 tonnes of textiles. The campaign will draw the public’s attention to the topic of sustainable fashion and the need to change recycling habits by encouraging everyone to spring clean their wardrobes, sort textiles and dispose of unwanted items in a special textiles container located at ALFA Shopping Centre.

Surveys show that 83% of people in Latvia go through their wardrobe at least once a year, and 36% admit to throwing away worn and unused clothes as household waste. Textile waste pollutes the environment unless it is properly managed through recycling and recovery. To highlight the issue and the need to correctly sort and recycle textiles thereby eliminating the risks of environmental pollution, an impressive installation has been created outside ALFA – a mountain of clothes called “Nothing to wear?” symbolising the volume of textiles that reach landfills and the environment every year.

Each year a vast amount of non-renewable natural resources is consumed in producing natural, artificial and synthetic textiles. At the same time, on average 30% of Europeans’ clothes gather dust in wardrobes without use or a second chance, and the resources spent on producing them are wasted. 

People are encouraged to put their unnecessary shoes, clothes, curtains, bed linens and other textiles in the textiles container. Textiles which have been used in cleaning or been in contact with chemicals (e.g. in car repair shops, construction), as well as wet ones must not be placed in the container. People are asked not to put in dirty clothes or other waste to avoid contaminating clothes that are suitable for recycling or reuse.